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Stenciling... the possibilities are endless
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Welcome to Yowler & Shepps Stencils and Faux!

We provide beautiful, quality pre-cut stencils, stencil paints, decorative painting supplies, and more for all your home decorating needs. From beginner to expert, we've got the stencils and stencil supplies you need for your next stenciling project.

From a garden for reflection, to a haven for daydreaming, wall murals can transform a room into whatever you want it to be. Murals are fun to achieve, will enhance your walls, and can instantly change a room from ordinary to breathtaking! They are the perfect way to add a scene or a view to a room. Murals can add a feeling of spaciousness or light.  They can bring the tranquility of nature into a room with warmth and color!

Create a Secret Garden in any room of your home with our Secret Garden stencil design.

Secret Garden mural stencil design


  Whether you're looking for garden stencils, a sports stencil, country stencil, an all over pattern, or a border stencil - you name it, we've got it. Browse our online catalog or select only the category you're interested in. For a complete listing of stencils and stencil supplies including stencil paints & brushes, check out our stencils product list.  

Stencil Design of the Month

Overall Damask stencil design

You'll save 30% on #S0039L Flower Pots. A beautiful way to display your favorite potted plants. The wrought iron shelf adds an extra special touch and each terra cotta pot holds a different plant. And...they never need watered!

Stenciling Tip

Embossing with stencils is a beautiful and fun way to add a dimensional effect to stenciling. A single overlay or some multi-overlay designs can produce an architectural result that will enhance any project. You only need spackling/joint compound, a putty knife, masking tape, and the stencil of your choice. You'll be amazed at the results!
Do you have a stenciling tip that others might find useful? Please use our contact page to send it to us - we would love to hear from you!



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